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Pine Pellets™

Our 100% pine pellet is achieved through an extrusion process that heats the wood fiber to levels of pasteurization.

What does this mean?
  • Oils in the wood are removed to reduce allergens.
  • Concerns of molds, toxins and other contaminants found in unprocessed fibers, woods, corn, wheat and clay are eliminated.
  • Softened fiber will instantly absorb, trapping odors and moisture.
  • Wicks moisture out of solids to reduce odors and risk of contamination.

Our Goal?
Our goal is to provide you with the safest, cleanest, incredibly absorbent litter of the highest quality for your pet.

Whether a litter box, bird cage, reptile habitat, rabbits or other small creatures our flowering pine pellet offers the cleanest environment for you, your pet and your household environment.

Pine litter pellets are perfect for cat litter boxes, bird cages, guinea pig and reptile habitats. As a cage and habitat bedding, our pine litter pellet will reduce odor through its natural ability to absorb quickly, and retain odor until it is removed through daily cleaning. Pine litter pellets offer the cleanest environment for you, your pet and the environment.