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Compare to Clay Litter

What is the difference between GUARDIAN ANGEL™ and other pine pellet litters on the market?
Why is GUARDIAN ANGEL™ better than the clay litter?
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Does the GUARDIAN ANGEL™ pellet or cobble clump?
Natural litters are too expensive.
Additionally, these plant based litters are produced using commodity which has resulted in over priced natural litter options. These same plant based litters utilize products that are typically scorned for use in feeds and present risk of contact dermatitis in sensitive cats. All natural feeds regularly tout the benefit of “NO CORN, NO WHEAT, NO SOY”. Why we would we use these same products in a litter box, cage or habitat?

Here are a few examples:

You will save money using Guardian ANGEL™ litter. We are on a mission to bring premium quality, 100% natural litters to the consumer at a price that will reduce out of pocket expense.