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Clumping Pine

NEW! Clumping Pine

Superior Clumping &
Odor Control through our
Enhanced Botanical Bio-Filters.

Finally, a clumping pine
that is truly
100% natural.

Our proprietary soft clumping formula works without chemicals producing a safe, superior litter with greater odor control.


What is it about our clumping pine?
First, throw away your concept of clumping litter – put an end to the nasty, hard clumps in the clay box.
Our clumping recipe is a combination of
100% natural, non-chemical ingredients.
The problem with current clumping pine is that many
still use chemicals in an effort to form a very firm clump.
While we know pine is the best natural substrate for litter,
it is difficult to work with from a manufacturing standpoint.

Let’s just say that you have to be really motivated to
make a clumping pine litter and maintain a
100% natural mandate.
We have discovered this combination through science and testing.
Our clumping pine litter forms what we call a soft clump.
If still saturated at cleaning time, the litter will pancake for easy removal. The clump is designed to remove cleanly
but it will not stand up to aggressive shaking.
Simply scrape away the dry litter above and remove the saturated litter.

Even more important,
we use only natural ingredients.
Unlike other natural and non-natural litters,
we do not use chemical enhancers.
Our scientists discovered a method

to extract beneficial carriers from a botanical oil to deliver and attach our
food grade binders to the surface of our pine litter.
This was a true breakthrough in natural clumping science.

Combined with our UHCBS fiber binding technology
we have produced a safe, effective, superior litter that can
finally replace expensive natural and non-natural litter products- without sacrificing quality.

Clumping Pine