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Lets talk about Clumping Agents….

One of the most common questions asked about our premium pine cat litters?

"Does it clump?"
Through our proprietary process called UHCBS Technology, we have produced a pine litter that is high heat treated (essentially pasteurization). This removes oils, phenol, lignin that can reduce absorption by regular pine products. Our pine litter targets the urine, captures it quickly which eliminates surface ammonia and once saturated it clumps or pancakes for easy removal.

Q2: What is wrong with adding a clumping agent?
A2: Everything! Most clumping agents are chemicals or or other additives that are potential health hazards. Hard clumping litters can stick to the paw, pad, hairs and will be ingested by the cat. The intake of the clumping agent as well as the clay or silica is dangerous and avoidable. So called "natural" clumping agents aren't necessarily healthy. Arsenic is natural too! Guar gum for example is sticky / gooey and will adhere to the paw and pad. This means it will be ingested. According to WEB MD; "Guar gum is used as a laxative. It is used as a binding agent and thickening agent. If consumed it should be taken with plenty of liquids because Guar gum presents the chance of choking or developing a blockage in the intestine." Do you really want your cat to consume Guar Gum?????

Q3: Then how effective can your litter be it you don't add a clumping agent?
A3: That is the miracle of our product! It is incredibly effective. The natural ability for our litter to absorb quickly keeps the urine contained. Once saturated, the litter will remove in a soft/solid clump for clean removal. No hard, sticky mess. Go ahead, Go natural—You'll be glad you did!