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Guardian Angel Litter Testimonials

We are always happy to add our customer testimonials to our website page. Please forward your testimonial and photos, including the pet name and any other information to testimonials@guardianlitter.com.

Hi Claire,
Just have to say this cat letter is the best. I have three cats and live in an apartment, I have experimented with many kinds. I have one cat that wouldn't always use the box, but haven't had that problem once since switching to this brand. It's great, very odor absorbent and the best part is how light it is! It never sticks to the bottom of the pan like clay litter. I can't imagine how I ever used anything but! I think every cat owner needs to check out this product.

MJ Jaynes


Hi Claire,
Just wanted to let you know that my new Birman kitten, Jazz, is using your Guardian litter pellet. I started out with the two free bags of cat litter you sent me -- the cobble and the pellets, which I mixed. When that was running out. He took to it with absolutely no problem.

I am AMAZED at how well the pellet eliminates cat urine odor! There is absolutely, positively no urine odor! I can't believe I had cats for 20 years without this product!

In addition to the fantastic odor control, there is MUCH less tracking. And I am THRILLED that the litter does not stick to the sides or bottom of the box, or to the scooper! No more smelly, sticky, disgusting clay to clean all the time! What a relief.

Thanks again for all your help. I have attached a picture of Jazz for you.

Take care, Kelly P

P.S. I have been singing the praises of your litter on Facebook and YouTube, and to all the cat-owning friends I know!

Hi. I just wanted to write to let you know that I love your bedding. I use the pine pellets in my house rabbit’s litter box. The pine is dried and the pellets are much less dusty, which is important for sensitive respiratory systems. Your pellets control odor better than anything else I have tried and it is easy to scoop out wet areas so the fresh litter is not wasted. The rabbits took to this litter immediately and I recommend it to all my other house rabbit guardian friends.

Thank you so much for an incredible product,

B. Anderson

Thank you for introducing our clinic to your Guardian Angel small animal bedding products. My technicians have used your Guardian Horse Bedding Swift Pick shavings for their horses and were eager to try the small animal line. We have been using your feline litter products for about two months now for both our hospitalized and boarded cats.

The litter is very absorbent and has good odor neutralizing qualities. The cats seem to especially like the soft feel of the "cobbled" litter. Your pelleted product is specifically beneficial for cats that have recently undergone surgery on their paws. The litter is very sanitary and has cut down on wound contamination and infection.


David Tanaglia, DVM
Winnebago Animal Clinic

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Meet Stella

StellaStella is a step in, do her business and leave with no cover up cat. Fortunately, the super absorbency of the Guardian Angel Pellet Litter takes care of any odors. It took her a bit to get used to the texture, but she is a happy camper now!



Meet Thom Thumb

Thom ThumbThomas is a male Calico, polydactyl. How is that for unique? He prefers the Guardian Angel Cobble. He was a feral cat when he arrived and it is most similar to the natural instincts of a cat. Thank-you, this litter has saved us so much money. It is 3 to 4 times more absorbent than our old clay litter. And, we dispose of the solids and compost everything else. We dispose of a fraction of the material.


This is Meme

With Meme’s long hair, she used to track terribly and the clay litter would stick to her long paw hairs. Then, she would clean herself and we could see her consuming the contaminated clay. With 5 house cats, we use 3 litter boxes. One with the Guardian Angel Cobble and the other with the pellets. Meme prefers the texture of the pellets and she NEVER has litter stuck to her paws. Thank-you!


Eddie Bear

He likes to sit down in the litter box after he has “done his business”. We find toys in the box every day. Thankfully, we use your cobble and because it absorbs so fast, he never has litter or other funky stuff stuck to his behind. With his long hair, we were constantly cleaning him. This is incredible litter ...



Our Birds

We use the Guardian Angel Pellet Litter In our bird cages. Very little maintenance and it is so easy to deal with. After years of newspaper, this pellet keeps the cage so much cleaner and “healthier”.

P.S. we buy the 40 lb bag when we can find it, otherwise the 25 pound bag.


Meet Daphne

Daphne (is actually a boy) had terrible allergic reactions to every litter we tried. Clay, corn and wheat would make his paws raw and the vet put him on steroids “often”. We had to try something different and started using the Guardian Angel Pellet Litter. We can’t tell you how grateful we are that this litter cleared up his allergy issues and he is completely healed. I don’t know why anyone would want to use anything else. It has saved us quite a bit of money too...


Is fastidious. It is very important to him that he can completely cover his waste. The texture of the cobble litter makes it easy for him to cover and at the same time, the litter stays really dry so he isn’t digging in wet litter. I can only get the small bag at my local store though, I wish I could get the 25 lb bag.



When Buddy found us, he was on deaths door. It was winter and his paws were frostbitten. They are healed now but remain sensitive so our vet recommended we use the pellet litter. We soften it with water first, it dries so fast into a really soft material so it isn’t abrasive in any way. He took to it right away, we didn’t even have to ease him into it.



Stuart Little

Stuey won’t stay off the kitchen counter. We searched forever for a litter that wouldn’t stick to his paws and would not track. It was gross to think of him on the counter after being in the box. Of course, we still sterilize it all the time, but the cobble litter doesn’t track, it doesn’t stick to his paws and his paws don’t smell at all. This litter is so clean, it has to be healthier for him and for us.

PS. I get it at my farm and ag store—they just started carrying it last month.