Tips for Changing Cat Litters

Cat Litter Boxes

Cats are incredible. They are sensitive, intelligent, particular and finicky. We have created the healthiest product for your cat litter box and we want your transition to go smoothly so we need you to take the time necessary to change over the litter.

We recommend each day when you clean your litter box you toss a handful of our pine cobble or pine pellet litter into the box and mix it in with your current litter.

After 7—10 days of doing this, start sprinkling a couple of handfuls on top of the litter without mixing in. If the cat starts to show disapproval at any time—probably by doing his business outside the box—back off a bit. Change over can easily take 1 month if done correctly—but it will be worth it!

Eventually you will be 100% switched over and you will reap the benefits of the healthiest litter at a reasonable price. You can rest assured that your disposal is better for our environment than any other litter on the market.

If you have any issues during your changeover, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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