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Consider the Litter…

With all of the talk of Toxoplasmosis you owe it to yourself to base your litter box with a clean ( really clean), highly absorbent ( in our case super absorbent) litter that offers nature’s #1 solution to odor—PINE! Through our proprietary high heat treatment our Pine Cobble™ litter promotes a cat’s natural instinct to dig and cover. Our super absorbent formula will dehydrate the solid waste to control odor and reduce the risk of exposure.

Guardian Angel Clumping Pine Litter is clean, safe and easy to use. Unlike clumping clay litters, our clumping pine will not stick to the litter box surface or accumulate in paw pads.  With 4 times the absorption power of most clay litters, our clumping pine will reduce your consumption and save you money! So easy to handle, sift and dispose you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.


The texture of our Guardian Angel Pine Cobble™ is naturally attractive to cats and other animals that require fast absorption and the satisfaction of "digging to cover" their waste. Naturally eliminate urine and solid odors through our botanical bio-filter action. Available in 12, 20, 32 pound bags and 12 pound refillable buckets.



The Guardian Angel Pine Pellet™ litter and bedding is popular as a litter box filler and cage liner. You save money by reducing consumption and disposal! Available in 14, 25, 40 pound bags and 14 pound refillable buckets.

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Clumping cat litter debate………..

Our 100% natural cat litter promotes physical and emotional health. Millions of cats are surrendered to shelters, euthanized, or worse, turned outside each year because of elimination behavioral problems. Elimination behavioral problems primarily stem from either a physical ailment (kidney, bladder, crystals) or rejection of the litter box for a variety of reasons.

High quality food, safe and natural litter, regular veterinary care and human contact are the lifeblood for domestic cats. We have compromised the health of our indoor cats by choosing litters that are “convenient” for us. Hundreds of dollars are spent per year / per household in veterinary visits attributed to litter and litter box issues.

Odor control and clumping additives that are not found in the cat’s natural environment are suspected to be at the base of so many physical and emotional ailments. Guardian Angel 100% natural litter is high heat treated for extreme absorbency. In turn, this extreme absorbency contributes to the natural caking of the litter at the wet spot. While this litter will not clump as tightly as litters with “clumping agents” added, (see danger of clumping litters) the wet spot will congeal so the soaked litter can be easily removed. Additionally, this high heat treatment removes phenols, oils and potential allergens found in other wood based litters.

No clay, no silica, no additives, no worries.

A natural environment is a healthy environment!

HabitatsGuardian Angel Pine Litters and Bedding are the best choice for litter box, cage or habitat. All natural pine fiber absorbs instantly and keeps litter box or cage dry by controlling odors naturally by trapping urine and solids moisture. The surface stays dry, thus reducing ammonia and odors.

Guardian Angel Pine Litters and Bedding is safe, natural, low allergen and non-toxic. It’s easy to use and store and is veterinarian approved in most post surgical care environments. Guardian Angel Pine Litters and Bedding is available in small, medium and large bags as well as refillable buckets.

Cats Clay litter has a sizable environmental impact from both its manufacture and disposal; Guardian Angel natural pine litters reduce consumption and disposal making it a responsible choice in waste management. (read this article.)

All this and still protecting your pet and the environment from the harmful effects of other litter products on the market.

If you are a licensed rescue, shelter or adoption facility, learn about our "Heart to Heart" program.


Compare Guardian Angel to clay litters and other “natural” litter products.

Does it clump?